ABOUT The Long Island Science Center



Our Mission

The mission of the Long Island Science Center is to promote the knowledge and love of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

The Long Island Science Center's exhibits and programs educate through an interactive and exciting learning environment and is a resource for families, teachers and students.  Lectures and demonstrations of general topics of scientific interest are offered.  Companies have the opportunity to highlight and share with the public innovations in science and technology.

Our Philosophy

The Long Island Science Center a not for profit 501(c)3 organization, encourages enthusiasm and excitement for learning and stimulates discovery and creativity.  Interactive exhibits and demonstrations, and both in-house and on-site (schools, libraries and community centers) programs enhance the discovery process for visitors regardless of age or background.  This "learning by doing philosophy" underpins the Science Center's programs and exhibits.  As people freely explore the materials and activities available, they become empowered and motivated to learn more about Science and life. 

Empowering Our Workforce

An understanding of science, technology, engineering, mathematics and the scientific method is important for all people in the workplace.  The Science Center believes that it is the responsibility of the entire community to build an informed and skilled workforce of employees.

Applying the "Learning by Doing" Philosophy

Prepare Long Island children to lead locally and compete globally, by teaching kids to investigate science, to learn to think out of the box, to make choices, to problem solve and question the world around them to possess the ability to offer creative and innovative solutions for life, business and world problems.