Activities for Boy Scout and Girl Scout Troops

Hands-on Science and Technology Programs designed to fulfill requirements for badges and achievements.

Workshops are given at your site or in the museum and fulfill all requirements. Fee: $10 each scout or tag-a-long. There is a minimum of $200 to do a program at the LISC, and $250 to visit your location. Physical Badges/Pins and Belt loops are not included. A visit to the Science Center fulfills requirements for Family Fun.   

Boy Scout Programs*

Tigers, Wolfs, Bears and Webelos
·      Crime Lab- All ages will enjoy this CSI program. Working in pairs, scouts learn how to take fingerprints, identify inks, and compare shoe prints. Using this information they solve a mystery. (Bears 7a)
·      Astronomy Pin- Join us in our portable planetarium Star Lab to identify constellations, find the North Star, and learn the phases of the moon. (Astrology belt loop, Bears Elective 1 space)
·      Catapults- (Minumum 3 weeks advance notice is required for this program) Using catapult kits, scouts will identify and use tools correctly and safely to nail, screw and glue together the wooden kits. Safe operation is stressed. (Bear 20a, 21a and 10a – Wolf 3a, 5abcd, Elective 5ghi) *$6.00 extra per scout/ participant
·      Geology Pin- Scouts will learn about rocks and minerals and how they are used. Test rocks for hardness, make a rock collection and draw a volcano. Look at fossils and create one to take home. (Can also earn Science Pin requirement #7 and Science Belt Loop requirement #3, Wolf 6b)
·      Weather Pin- Learn all about weather, precipitation, temperature, wind, clouds, tornadoes and hurricanes. Learn what to do in a hurricane and make a weather instrument to take home. (Bears Elective Weather d,e)
·      Scientist Activity (Weblos Only)- Learn about great scientists Bernoulli, Pascal, and Newton. Play with air pressure, experiment with atmospheric pressure, use your center of balance and learn some balancing tricks. Check out crystals and make a crystal garden to take home.
·      Nutrition- Scouts will learn about the food pyramid, healthy choices, and the fats, sugars and salts in food by experimenting with potato chips and breakfast cereals. (Tigers- 3d, cooking requirements.)
·      Legos/Duplos- Engineering using Legos! Make machines that move, learn about simple machines, and create a tambourine (Duplo only.) (Tigers-Elective 7 make music, 17 make a model. Wolf Elective 5g, make a model, Bears activity 21 build a model, Weblos Engineering.)
·      Balloon Car!- Engineering, make a model, science experiments all in one. Build a car run by air power and race them. (Science pin, Engineering, Models.) 
·      Leaves and Seeds-Learn about plants. What makes them grow, the parts of the plants, and plant a chia Sponge Bob. (Tigers 5d, leaf rubbing, Elective 30, Wolf 15c.)
Nova Awards (Cub Scout and Weblos)-Achieve this award at the Long Island Science Center! Cub scouts will watch a video and read materials on a science related topic. Complete the Science Belt Loop*- ( includes a science experiment using the scientific method) Investigate a number of science topics and plan a science project using the scientific method (scouts will do project at home and bring back for discussion at a later date) Explore the Science Museum and interact with the staff. Discuss with a NOVA counselor* how science affects everyday life.
*Other Belt Loops available- Astronomy, Geology, Map and Compass
*Long Island Science Center Staff are NOVA Counselors
Other programs available and suitable for pack meetings or Blue/Gold Nights: Bats, Insects, Rainforest, and Dinosaur. See our School Program brochure for a complete list.

Girl Scout Programs*


Wonders of Water (Journey) - Brownies make a rain gauge, test for water polution, learn fun facts about water and help conserve and protect our water. 

Science Wonders- Make crystals, experiment with bubbles, and magnets (earn Careers #3 ),      (Jrs- Science Sleuth #3.)

Space Explorers
-See the night sky in our portable planetarium Star Lab. Learn about constellations and their stories, the North Star, the Moon, shadows, and make a constellation viewer. (Earn Earth and Sky #7 and Numbers and Shapes #5.)

Eco Explorer-Learn about habitats and nature while discovering Insects.

Plants-When this class is over you will be able to grow and observe your own “sponge bob” chia pet

Senses- Explore the 5 senses with activities for each including a perfume to take home.

Engineering- Visit the museum, learn what Engineers do. Build simple machines by following a blueprint

Power to Brownies- Learn about electricity, make a static box, strip wires and create a circuits.

Eat Right, Stay Healthy
– Learn how to read food labels, discuss the importance of dairy foods, make a food person and a mobile of the foods you eat.

Healthy Habits
– Learn to keep teeth healthy, add calcium to your diet, wash your hands and check them with our germ detector.

Junior Scouts

Sky Search- More Star Lab! Learn to use a star map and make one to take home, learn the constellations, the stories, tell direction from the stars, find the planets, and look at the moon.

Making it Matter- Be a scientist! Make a polymer and experiment with it, connect a circuit, learn about simple machines, and create a bridge. 

Weather Watch- Learn to predict the weather, observe clouds, read the weather map, and make a weather instrument to take home. 

Rocks Rock- Geology is fun. Learn to identify rocks, make a fossil and start a rock collection. (Science Discovery #5, Science in Everyday life #4.) 

Engineering – Visit the museum, find out what engineers do, build a machine, learn about materials and energy.

 Electricity – Learn about static electricity, use tools and build a circuit..·     

Going Batty – Learn about Bat habitats, food sources and life cycle. Make a bat to take home.

Just for Fun- Fun Patches- All ages 

Spa Diva- Learn the chemistry of soap, lip balm and make bath. Make bath fizz to take home.  Make 2 take homes for * $13 per scout/ participant(in) minimum still applies , out programs are an additional $50 fee for a second take home.

Chocolate- Make yummy and great looking chocolates while learning about cocoa beans and the rain forest

Visit the Long Island Science Center:

$10 per scout/ participant per program (Min. $200, max 40 participants)

Visit your site:

$250 per presentation (25 participants - $10 each additional scout, exceptions apply)

Scout Sleepovers - 7pm- 8am, $25/ scout and $15 per scout leaders. Min: 15 scouts and 2 leaders & Max: 40 scouts and 5 leaders.  Continental breakfast included. Call for availability and details.
*All school programs are also available for troop or pack meetings. Additional programs available upon request.
Request a a program by leaving a deposit : Please be sure to put a first choice requested date and time, second choice, email and phone number in the specific instructions section and ALL contact information, we will call to complete the booking; your program is NOT BOOKED until you speak with us. 

$150 Deposit required:Non-refundable if cancellation is less than one week in advance.